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Every product of Havenow has that age old wisdom of our ancestors. Havenow's products are healthy and our "Healthy" is synonymous with Taste.


Chicley is the "Chic" avatar of the famous North Karnataka Chigley/Jigley. Its made of Fresh Tamarind, Sweet Jaggery and Wonderful Spices.

Shenga/Groundnut Chutney

Shenga/Groundnut Chutney is a very popular accompaniment in Karnataka and Maharashtra. Its made with Groundnuts, Spices and lots of love.

Agasi/Flax Seed Chutney

Agasi Chutney is a wonderful accompaniment made with brilliant spices of North Karnataka. Agasi/Flax Seed comes with great health benefits and is one of the best accompaniment available.

Kadak Rotti (Jowar & Bajra)

Now the Famous Kadak Roti's are just a store away. Roti's are the integral part of our meal. Handmade with finely grounded Sorghum flour (Jowar), now all you have to focus is on being healthy, we take care of preparing Roti's for you.

Roasted Gram Chutney

Puthani Chutney is the made using Roasted Fried Gram and spiced with Byadgi Chillies, Salt, Cumin Seeds. With all these wonderful ingredient comes a new ingredient that blends with everything on the plate.

Gurrellu/Niger Seed Chutney

Gurellu Chutney is very common in North Karnataka kitchen shelf. Actually, it is an essential ingredient used in so many recipes. Its also a popular accompaniment.

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Havenow's products are loved by everyone, it has been sold in some of the popular retail stores across India with pan-India online and institutional presence.

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